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Sandwiches and Snacks

Loads of sarmies, paninis and snacks!

Polony puff


Delicious & tasty vegan snack

Country mushroom pies with sweet potato chips


Pies with chips… vegan style.

Vegan Po Boy sandwich


A vegan version of this loved sandwich
Serves 2

Stuffed Hot Dogs

Cheesy Sausages

Preparation Time 20min
Serves 11

Prathika’s Simple Sausages

Traditional Sausage 2

Enjoy with rolls and tomato sauce or serving of chips.

Chunky Strip Pitas

DSCF5748 copy

Great lunch time meal

“It’s a wrap”

its a wrap

Serves: 4
Cooking time: 15 minutes
Low Fat
High Protein

Spiced Burger and Raw Spinach Panini

Burger and Curry on top of Naan

Cooking Time 8min
Preparation Time 3min
Serves 1
Tip Serve with a tangy salsa dip

Chick’n Mayo Panini


Serve with a simple salad or just as is.

Mushroom Veggie Schnitzels

Vegan schnitzels

Cooking Time 20min
Preparation Time 20min
Serves 2


Recipe polony

Cooking Time 25min
Preparation Time 15min
Serves 4
Tip This can also be served as a snack – hot or cold.

Toasted Polony & Banana

Recipe polony

Cooking Time 2min
Preparation Time 5min
Serves 1