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Mitsu is cooking up a storm

We love all of our guest cooks at Fry’s Vegetarian UK, but Mitsu always brings something special to the table.

Check out what Mitsu (of To Happy Vegans) had to say about her latest creation:
One of my favourite dishes is a Japanese dumpling known as gyoza (not to be confused with malignant entity of Ghostbusters fame Gozer). After turning vegan fortunately it was easy peasy to veganise. The dumpling skin is already vegan (usually just flour and water) and for the filling you can use whatever you like… traditionally it’s mince.
With a box of Fry’s mince and a packet of gyoza skins in my freezer (not Gozer thank goodness) I didn’t resist the call to make them for very long.
The dumplings are easy to make once you get the hang of the quantity of filling (too much and it won’t close, too little and you have a sad little dumpling) and the crimping to seal it. Dipped in a simple sauce of vinegar, chilli oil and soy sauce it takes me back to my childhood. I like to pierce the dumpling whilst dipping so that the sauce really gets inside the dumpling. This is a basic recipe but you could use any vegetables you have, you could even marinate the mince before using to give it some extra oomph.
Check out the delicious recipe from Mitsu NOW!