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Vegan in Brighton is back!

Jojo from Vegan in Brighton is back with another recipe using products from the Fry’s Vegetarian range:

As a product of two Scottish parents, Mince & Tatties was a favourite of mine growing up. If you aren’t down with the Scottish lingo, tatties is Scottish slang for potatoes and in the case of Mince and Tatties they are usually served as mash.
For the mince part of my Mince and Tatties I used Fry’s Meat Free Mince with Vegan Gravy. I’ve always loved Fry’s products. They’re always reliably tasty and I had no qualms about using an as yet untried product in this recipe.

I used a recipe from my friend Rachel’s blog, Thistle & Yellow Rose, as a flavour guide. This serves about three people and I served a jug of vegan packet gravy (Bisto!) alongside it to make the potatoes all gravy-tastic too. This is a little untraditional but, whatever, I’m a gravy fiend!

My husband & I both loved this meal, the gravy that comes with the mince is excellent and I thought that the actual mince was the closest I’d tried, in both taste and texture, to the kind I used to eat in my pre-veggie days. This recipe turned out to be super simple and really delicious, we’ll definitely be making it again.

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