Our Food

All our products are vegan and made from proteins which come from grains and legumes. These are complete proteins and contain all 8 essential amino acids. Our award-winning secret family recipe of natural spices and seasonings make this product absolutely unique and delicious.


    Burgers (3)

    If you want the hearty burger taste without the meat, our veggie burgers are what you have been looking for. These burgers are delicious and completely vegan with four variants to choose from.

    Sausages (4)

    For a quick and easy vegetarian meal, our range of vegan sausages is second to none. They are not only easy to prepare but are also delicious. Curries, stews, pastas and bakes all can have their flavour bolstered by adding our veggie sausages into the mix! Or just slap them on a bun, the old fashion way.
    Pies and Pastries

    Pies and Pastries (4)

    Are you tired of having Spinach and Feta as your only option for a vegetarian pie? No need to fret, our range of pies and pastries are delicious, low in fat and completely vegan! We have four fantastic variants that will keep your craving satisfied.

    Crumbed (3)

    You may think the Colonel is the only one with the gift of getting your fingers dirty but think again, our range of crumbed chicken-style products will keep you reaching out for more. From vegetarian chicken-style nuggets to chicken-style schnitzels, you will find it all here.
    Recipe Foods

    Recipe Foods (3)

    You will love the versatility of these three products, any ground beef recipe can be turned 100% vegan when you swop out the meat with our mince or try our strips in your stir fry, wrap or pasta.